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Thanks again for your prayers. I am just about to start off on another trip to Turkey and Bulgaria and attached are some situations that need your prayers. I don't take your support for granted! In His grace,George Download George's Letter Thank you!

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June Journeys

GREETINGS and thanks for following us and the Turks along the SILK ROAD for all these years. We need those prayers! The 29th of this month we hope to be flying from Manchester to Sofia, Bulgaria. Because there are no direct flights between the UK and Turkey, we shall...

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Silkroad Heartbeat – Passing on the Baton!

This morning I (George) awoke thinking exactly that: PASSING ON THE BATON!We present to you four sets of people who are running hard for Jesus in places we’ve served but, because of our age and the pandemic,  cannot be. All four have incredible faith stories, but...

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The Silk Road Heartbeat: April Showers

There really have been showers of blessing on many situations, projects and people since we last wrote.But still much prayer needed. Please see the attached prayer news for details! With much blessing,George and Alison SILK-ROAD-HEARTBEATDownload

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The Silk Road Heartbeat: March Winds

Dear Friends, Please make yourselves a cup of coffee, or Turkish tea, and read through our latest prayer news attached! We are so grateful for our Turkish brothers and sisters who are taking up the baton from the foreigners who have been deported., and running hard...

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The Silk Road Heartbeat February 2021

THANKS once again for being with us on our journey! This morning we read about "breaking up your fallow ground" from Jeremiah.  We paused to ask the Lord if there was any part of us that was lying fallow and needed to be dug up ready for planting.  Two hours later we...

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November 20202 – A Month of Thanksgiving

Dear Silk Road Lovers, Greetings in these dark days; we need Jesus, Light of the World more than ever!EARTHQUAKE!   The Izmir coast was hit by an earthquake and a sea surge of 6.6 magnitude a few days ago, Oct. 30.  Reports have come flooding in....

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October Prayer News from the Balkans

Dear Praying Silk Roaders,Strictly speaking we are now evangelising and church planting west of the Silk Road in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Kosovo …. Turkish speakers left behind from the Ottoman Empire! This last month we have had the privilege of being in all...

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Summer Travels

Greetings in Jesus’ name from Durham, north England! We have just returned from a week in Istanbul. It was a mixture of sad and happy:sad because over twenty of our co-workers have been deported from Turkey in the last few months, happy because we spent time with our...

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